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Serena Valley


Serena Valley joined Macias-Mayo Law to continue to work with Amber Macias-Mayo and to be part of an exceptional team that provides experienced and compassionate legal services.

During law school, Serena Valley clerked at the prestigious Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt family law firm. After graduation, she was invited to join the firm as a lawyer and worked on cases involving complex divorce, parental relocation, kinship guardianship, timesharing, child support, custody, and domestic violence. She also contributed to several Hague Convention cases, building solid experience in the most complex legal issues in family law. At Macias-Mayo Law, she believes her natural compassion, in addition to her experience, will serve the firm and her clientele well.

Serena Valley has always had a passion for family law, knowing this is where the law makes an important and direct impact on people’s lives where it matters most. Being a family lawyer has allowed Valley to follow both her passion and her heart.

Valley is a long-term, New Mexico resident and serves clients across New Mexico.