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Amber Macías-Mayo

attorney – partner

Amber Macias-Mayo has taken her creativity, energy, tenacity, and her unparalleled exposure to highly complex family law and formed Macias-Mayo Law.

Macias-Mayo has worked in family law for over 25 years, most recently as a founding partner of the highly respected family law firm Walther Bennett Mayo Honeycutt. Guided throughout her early career by some of the brightest and most respected legal minds in family law, she developed impressive skills dealing with the financial aspects of high-net worth estates and complex custody issues. She brings those, together with expertise in jurisdictional disputes, co-parenting challenges, domestic violence (and the extended trauma associated with it), Artificial Reproductive Technology, and contract creation and review to her new practice.

Macias-Mayo has a well-deserved reputation as a forward-thinking, creative lawyer who seeks out innovative solutions, whether for clients, her team, or the community.  She is dedicated to equitably settling cases whenever appropriate but knows when a client’s needs are best served in court. She is a formidable litigator and is aided by a deep and knowledgeable bench at Macias Mayo Law. Macias-Mayo strives to empower members of her team to find and champion new paths to reach the desired goals.

Macias-Mayo is originally from San Diego but deep familial roots drew her back to New Mexico, where she’s lived for the last 35 years. She deeply understands, appreciates, and honors the culture, families, and challenges of the New Mexico community and always seeks ways to use her talents to give back to them.

Macias-Mayo loves her family, New Mexico, and music and arts. This last has led her to add music copyright law, and entertainment performance and compensation contracts to her legal repertoire. She assists local musicians with developing their entity, reviewing contracts, and aiding in marketability, along with guiding them in their rights associated with music copyright law. She also represents established and aspiring local actors/actresses in reviewing and negotiating.